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What is Jelqing


What is Jelqing and How Does it Work?

Men from all periods of history have gone to extreme and sometimes dangerous lengths to expand the size of their penises, as well as the duration of their erections. From manually stretching the shaft, to hanging weights on the tip and the scrotum, males have sacrificed safety and security for a chance to enlarge their penises.

Over time, penis enlargement exercises have come to be called jelqing. Some say that jelqing originated in the Middle East, where fathers taught their sons certain jelqing techniques for sexual relationships. Fathers would teach their sons a penile massage technique (jelqing), which increased the size of the penis. Others argue that the word ‘jelq’ is a corruption of the term "jerk-off" (a slang term for masturbating) and was initiated by college students around the world (Aaron 2009). Whichever the source of the word, "jelqing" has come to be the most common term for a number of natural penis enlargement exercises (Aaron 2009). The jelq exercises - used to increase penis length and penis girth (length around the shaft of the penis) - can be time-consuming but can have noticeable benefits.

Does Jelqing Increase Penis Size?

Thousands of men have discovered jelqing to be an effective means of increasing penis length and girth. It can take time to master the intricacies of the exercise, but penile enhancement is possible. Dr Brian Richards of the United Kingdom carried out the most comprehensive research related to the effectiveness of jelqing in the late 1970s. His research was accepted for publication by the British Journal of Sexual Medicine and showed positive growth results (87 %) for the test group. At the end of the three-month study, 28 men “demonstrated permanent and verifiable enlargement” (Richards). According to Dr. Richards, the concluding results were:

• Average length increase: 1.125” (2.65 cm)

• Average girth increase: 1” (2.04 cm)

• Smallest increase in length: 1" (2.4 cm)

• Greatest increase in length: 1.5" (3.6 cm)

• Smallest increase in girth: 0.875" (1.4 cm)

• Greatest increase in girth: 1.25" (3.1 cm)

Safety First

Always warm up.
Be gentle with grip and intensity.
Never jelq with a full erection.
Do not jelq the head of the penis.
Warm Up

Jelqing workouts are based around a daily 20-30 minute jelq session. The exercises should start with a penis warm-up, which involves a warm bath or a towel soaked in warm water applied to the penis. The purpose of the warm-up is to increase blood flow to the penis by opening up the blood vessels. Once the warm-up is completed, the jelq techniques can be commenced.

Apply Lubrication

Before jelqing, lather the penis with lubrication. Water-based lubricants, like Astroglide and Wet, are commonly used lubricants, and although they have the tendency to dry out, lubrication can be reapplied as needed. Water-based lubricants are water-soluble, which means they dissolve in water. Also, be careful with the use of oil-based lubricants; they clog the pores of the skin, breeding infection. Lubrication will allow one to smoothly and effectively jelq without causing friction burns or discomfort.

Jelqing Exercise

The handgrip should completely encircle the base of the penis, using the standard ‘OK’ grip. The standard “OK grip” can be applied in two ways:

1. Palms up, facing away from the body (a standard OK).

2. Palms down, facing toward the body (an overhand OK).

The exercise consists of applying an OK style thumb and forefinger grip, encircling the base of the lubricated, partially erect penis. This grip restricts blood flow. Once one hand has reached the glans, the same grip and motion is applied with the second hand at the base of the penis. Each stroke should take no less than three seconds. One hundred to two hundred jelq movements is considered an average workout. The jelqing exercises should be stopped immediately if any pain becomes apparent, or the penis becomes erect. Ejaculation should not be allowed to occur. After several months, and if done correctly, penis size increases both in girth and length. Individuals new to jelqing should build up from five minute to fifteen-minute sessions, over the period of a couple of weeks with a one-day off routine. After three months to a year, gains of several inches in length are not uncommon.


The elements of one’s handgrip while jelqing are critical to the success of this exercise, and will ensure proportional growth of one’s penis.

• Strength- It is important to match the strength and diameter of your grip to the strength of your erection to avoid changing pressure as a stroke progresses.

• Consistency - The grip should be consistent throughout the stroke. It is easy to subconsciously increase or rotate the grip part way through a stroke. Proper jelqing consistency will ensure proportionate growth.

• Starting at the base - Your grip should be attached as far down on the shaft of your penis as possible.

We would also like to reiterate that your body is a beautiful, wonderful thing just how it is. Potential (meaningful) partners will care more about YOU than the size of your body parts, and you deserve to have acceptance and a realistic expectation of your body. Like the female body, the male body is beautiful regardless of what size it may be. There is no such thing as an inadequately sized penis, and therefore the need and desire for male penile enlargement is oftentimes unnecessary.


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